A.S.R., Philips and PwC in the lead at De Partnership Verkiezing 2020

Posted on 21 april 2020

Article by Willem Vreeswijk as published on New Financial Forum website and translated into English

A.S.R., PwC and Philips currently have the best chance to win De Partnership Verkiezing 2020 (The Partnership Election). Alexander Rinnooy Kan announced this during “The Future Thinking Impact Event”, which The Punchy Pack organized online in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Rotterdam School of Management.

De Partnership Verkiezing has been organized since 2012 and is an initiative of Chantal Inen, founder of The Punchy Pack, a company that helps organizations set-up socio-commercial projects. Eight teams are participating in the 2020 edition. In the coming months, they will have the time to promote their business case proposals even more and in October the jury will announce the final winner. The Audience Award will also be announced in October. During the online event, the nearly 300 participants voted for their favorite idea. This year’s Future Makers Award went to PwC.

This year’s edition includes teams from Ahold, Rabobank, Philips, PwC, Aegon, ASR and two teams from Zilveren Kruis. The aim is to enter into partnerships from the business community that make the world a better place and that see money as a means to achieve the sustainability goal. “We want to build bridges between the changemakers of different organizations and jointly cause a sustainable revolution. The challenges we face in the world are enormous. By entering into partnerships, companies show how you can generate social and environmental impact and earn money. We can make the world a better place with creativity, entrepreneurship and cooperation ”, said Inen during the introduction of the event, which took place online due to the corona crisis.

The teams have embarked on a long-term process, in which they are assisted for months by numerous experts and coaches with the aim of achieving an impactful business case that is embraced by their Board of Directors. Participating and ensuring that your plan is actually implemented within your company is more important than winning the Partnership Election itself.

For inspiration, Inen interviewed during the event futurist Justien Marseille (“be critical but without fear of the challenges we currently face”) and dean Rob van Tulder of the Rotterdam School of Management (“be very critical of all those many nice ideas and solutions and go for real solutions ”). An online ‘round table discussion’ about the world before, during and after corona took place with Robert Metzke (Philips), Jacqueline Pieters (Rabobank), Marc Borggreven (PwC), Annerieke van Dijk (NN), Robert van der Schaaf (A.S.R.), Jeroen Kemperman (Zilveren Kruis), Said Belhassan (Ahold Coffee Company) and Willem Horstmann (Aegon). Of course, the event evolved the eight cases that should make the world a better place.

The eight Partnerships

1.Zilveren Kruis and &Ranj.
Zilveren Kruis won the Partnership Election of 2019 together with Achmea and Rabobank. Back then they developed FinBuddy, an app that helps to prevent debts. This year Zilveren Kruis entered into a partnership with &Ranj, which has been making games for twenty years to bring about behavioral change. This year, Zilveren Kruis has developed an app that helps to reduce the pressure on nurses’ work. The online tool not only gives patients a much better insight when the district nurse comes by, but patients and caregivers can also give each other feedback.

A.S.R. is participating for the second time, this year with the VerduurSamen project. In order to reduce CO2 emissions by 49 percent in 2030 compared to 1990, more than 400 homes will have to be made sustainable per day in the coming years. Despite the fact that most people support the climate goals, to date only a handful of private homeowners dare to make their homes more sustainable independently. To boost sustainability among homeowners, the A.S.R. team is putting VerduurSamen on the market, a total solution that relieves homeowners of making their homes more sustainable in the area of ​​project management, financing and subsidies and can also guarantee the work delivered.

PwC participates in the election for the third time. This year, the team developed a solution for farmers in India. By selling their crop residues and no longer burning them, not only is air pollution reduced, but farmers are also receiving additional income.

Rabobank participates for the eighth time and has already won three times in the last years. This year, Rabobank is launching an app that provides Rabobank customers with insight into their own carbon footprint based on their payment details. In addition, people can also compare themselves to others and tips are given to make your footprint smaller.

Ahold has been present in the competition since 2013 and many projects have already been realized internally that were conceived by previous teams. This year, the team developed a proposal to use unused media space to alert customers to sustainable initiatives. The idea is to provide more information about sustainability, so that the interest in sustainable products among the customer will increase.

Philips is participating in De Partnership Verkiezing for the fourth time. This year, the team created a digital tool to help prevent chronic lung diseases. Initially, Philips focuses on India, because it’s the country in which by far the majority of people suffer from this condition. The app focuses on prevention and tips for better health and refers to a specialist if necessary.

This insurer is participating for the first time. The team developed an app for employers that helps their employees prevent burnouts and reduce stress. The app gives concrete tips and offers guidance to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

8. Zilveren Kruis, Eurocross and Syntrus-Achmea
Zilveren Kruis has entered into the competition with Eurocross and Syntrus-Achmea. Together, a concept was created to combat the loneliness of the elderly. They offer a tool to develop a social community in a neighborhood. As a result, residents know better what is going on in the neighborhood and can act more quickly to lend a helping hand. As a result, the pressure on existing health care will decrease.

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