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‘Best Existing Partnership Award’: Deze business-case deed mee in de categorie ‘Best Existing Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2014. In de Partnership verkiezing 2014 streden 21 teams van bedrijven, samen met een ngo/overheid voor een award voor de beste business-case met een investering in een ontwikkelingsland.

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African Energy Consulting & Partners



Access to adequate and nutritious food is a basic necessity of life. Although, it is also globally recognized as a fundamental human right, not all persons are secure with regards to food and nutrition. Food insecurity is directly linked to poor health, education and general wellbeing. It is for this reason that we seek change that will bring respite to people (men, women, youth and children) who are exposed to the risks and vulnerabilities associated with food insecurity. This partnership between African Energy & Consulting (The Netherlands), World Vision Ghana, Saboba Area Development Project (Ghana) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Saboba District Directorate (Ghana), seeks to implement the IS-FoSARP to end hunger and malnutrition in Saboba and bring socio-economic welbeing through sustainable food production and agro-business development.


Bekijk alle 'Best Existing Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden