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‘Best Existing Partnership Award’: Deze business-case deed mee in de categorie ‘Best Existing Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2014. In de Partnership verkiezing 2014 streden 21 teams van bedrijven, samen met een ngo/overheid voor een award voor de beste business-case met een investering in een ontwikkelingsland.

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Floating Waste Bank

Waste has always been a problem in any society, especially in the developing countries. In the case study of Jakarta, Indonesia there has yet to be an integrated high-tech waste management system. Each day in the city of more than 10 million people, 8000 tons of waste produced, 30% ends up in the river clogging the waterways causing health and environmental issues and increasing even more risk of flood for the wet slum communities. Waterstudio and Cordaid have joined forces to upgrade the living conditions in wet slums and have developed the so-called ‘Floating Waste Bank’; an idea based on the Floating City Apps concept, created by Waterstudio. The Floating Waste Bank tackles this multi-faceted problem by bringing sea-freight containers, floating on a construction of used PET bottles, to wet slums. The Floating Waste Bank encourages communities to deposit their waste and collect points, which they can cash in or trade with benefits such as phone credits and health care. The Floating Waste Bank organizes workshops about flood resilience and waste recycling. The floating units will be leased to local social entrepreneurs. The Floating Waste Bank is an innovative approach which uses available building space efficiently, implements flexible, adjustable and are re-usable solutions, recycles waste and results in a method that can be removed without leaving any scars to the environment. Floating Waste Bank cleans up the rivers, changes the mindset of people, empowers the economy and helps reducing flooding by turning trash into cash.


Bekijk alle 'Best Existing Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden