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These young leaders choose to be part of the solution and went out of their way to make sure their organisation was making an impact in todays world. They choose to stand up and join fellow changemakers in the collective effort for social and sustainable change that benefits their company and society.

The Partnerschip Verkiezing is an initiative of The Punchy Pack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Rotterdam School of Management and with this programme we activate the voices of young leaders everywhere to become a part of the solution.

These heroes have taken on the challenge to develop a social and sustainable business case for their organisation, proving that it is possible to create positive impact with a business perspective from within a corporate organisation. They have done this working together with their executives and colleagues, with experts, artists, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government and fellow wavemakers, because they stand for a better future.

The competing changemakers of 2019-2020 are: Aegon // Ahold Delhaize // a.s.r. // Eurocross // Philips // PwC // Rabobank // Syntrus-Achmea // Zilverenkruis


You can be part of their journey by giving your vote to the boldest, most innovative, and most impactful business case of 2020. Learn more about their causes and passion in the videos below, in which the team will tell their personal motivation for participating and the impact they will create with their business case.

Voting starts JUNE 15 until JULY 12, midnight 

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Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen

Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen:
Nick Van Gend, Anouk van Alphen, Cindy Brijs, Irene Bruggemann, Victor Brands

The Netherlands faces an enormous climate-change challenge. To reach a CO2-reduction of 49% in 2030, 1.5 million houses need to be made more sustainable. This means at least 400 houses a day will need to be transformed to meet modern sustainability standards. However, transforming your house is a complex, costly and risky matter for private homeowners. To accelerate the transformation of the housing market, a.s.r. launches the ‘’VerduurSamen’’ initiative. A one-stop-shop solution for most practical concerns, which unburdens private homeowners in making their house more sustainable, and guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the sustainability measures.

VerduurSamen kickstarts this transformation by creating a one-stop-shop focusing on three components:

Collectivity: VerduurSamen will create a sustainability plan, exploring the most effective measures, for a collective of homeowners with homogeneous houses. Through economies of scale, in both the scope of the project and in purchasing materials and services, costs will be reduced.

Unburdening: Homeowners will be unburdened as VerduurSamen takes responsibility for researching the most effective method of financing. We’ll assist in applying for subsidies/grants or a loan from the ‘’Nationaal Bespaarfonds’’. Additionally, we’ll ensure measures will be performed by an expert partner.

Certainty: VerduurSamen guarantees homeowners of the quality and effectiveness of the sustainability measures. This guarantee ensures homeowners can make a conscious financial decision to invest in a more sustainable home.


Bekijk alle 'Best New Partnership Award 2020' genomineerden