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‘Best New Partnership Award’: Deze business-case doet mee in de categorie ‘Best New Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2016.

De Partnership Verkiezing is een initiatief van The Punchy Pack, het Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken en FMO. In deze accelerator ontwikkelen Young professionals vanuit bedrijven met partners duurzame business cases in ontwikkelingslanden en nemen het tegen elkaar op om de titel ‘Best New Partnership’ in de wacht te slepen.

Rabobank Palm Oil

logo Rabo Oil


Team Rabobank: Ciska van den Berg, Paul Bosch, Laura Berendsen, Ruud Willems.

Rabobank and Solidaridad want to create a partnership that will improve the palm oil supply chain in Ghana. A service provider will help farmers double or triple their productivity, will provide farmers a solution for social (succession) difficulties and implement sustainable best agronomical practices in order to let farmers produce sustainable (RSPO certified) palm oil. This will benefit welfare and income of independent small palm oil farmers and sustainability in the palm oil sector.


Bekijk alle 'Best New Partnership Award 2016' genomineerden