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These young leaders choose to be part of the solution and went out of their way to make sure their organisation was making an impact in today’s world. They choose to stand up and join fellow changemakers in the collective effort for social and sustainable change that benefits both their company and society at large.

The Partnerschip Verkiezing is an initiative of The Punchy Pack and the Rotterdam School of Management. With this programme we activate the voices of young leaders everywhere to become a part of the solution.

These heroes have taken on the challenge to develop a social and sustainable business case for their organisation, proving that it is possible to create positive impact with a business perspective from within a corporate organisation. They have succeeded by working together with their executives and colleagues, with experts, artists, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government and fellow wavemakers.

Because they stand for a better future.

The competing changemakers of 2020-2021 are: ABN AMRO // Achmea // Ahold Delhaize // KPN // Philips // PwC // Rabobank // Volksbank // Zilveren Kruis

You can be part of their journey by giving your vote to the boldest, most innovative and most impactful business case of 2021. Learn more about their causes and passion in the videos below, in which the team will tell their personal motivation for participating and the impact they will create with their business case.

Voting starts April 6th until April 22nd, midnight
So, what are you waiting for?

Are you excited to start your own impact case? Just send us an email for more information via

Curious who will win the Partnership Verkiezing this year? Keep a close eye on this website, we will announce the winner on the homepage on the 24th of April.

Team Rabobank x Zilveren Kruis – The Healthy Pack

Stemlogo DPV 2018

Team The Healthy Pack, powered by Rabobank & Zilveren Kruis – The Healthy Pack
Michelle Bos-Poirot (Zilveren Kruis), Romy Elshof (Rabobank), Else-Mieke de Jong (Rabobank), Mark van Oosten (Achmea), Baibing Yan (Rabobank)

Many people feel the desire to eat healthier, but somehow find themselves unable to do so. For example, think about all those unhealthy but delicious food temptations surrounding us, our never-ending promise to ‘really do it better next week’, or this hasty lunch culture in which we gobble up our cheese sandwich while sitting behind our desk. Recognizable? Don’t worry, you’re only human! We understand that behavioral patterns are hindering us to eat healthier.

That’s why our HealthyPackApp offers you a fun and social way to overcome those patterns and to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. Based on behavioral science, our app enables you to:

  1. Learn how to choose a healthy meal & have it delivered at home.
  2. Socialise with your work community, online and offline.
  3. Actively set your healthy food goals at the start of your week and compete to reach these goals.

Watch our demo: The Healthy Pack-app | Rabobank x Zilveren Kruis (and stay tuned via LinkedIn The Healthy Pack)


Bekijk alle 'Best New Partnership Award 2021' genomineerden