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‘Best New Partnership Award’: Deze business-case deed mee in de categorie ‘Best New Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2014. In de Partnership verkiezing 2014 streden 21 teams van bedrijven, samen met een ngo/overheid voor een award voor de beste business-case met een investering in een ontwikkelingsland.

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Door: Serena Oggero, Hilda Alberda, Marlous van der Klauw, Brenda de Kok, Laudry van der Meer

In Bangladesh many women use old cloths -known as “nekra”- to manage their menstruation, hence seriously increasing the risk of infections. The lack of menstrual education and awareness deriving from a strong cultural taboo also limits proper personal hygiene, adding discomfort and shame to the health problem. Napkins as we know in western society are not affordable, not easily available and put a lot of pressure on Bangladesh’ growing waste problem. TNO came up with a technical innovation that offers a solution to the problem: Bio-Wings, high quality, affordable and biodegradable napkins. We will embed the technology in Simavi’s hygiene training and awareness which focusses on improving the menstruation related well-being of 2,6 million women working in the garment industry in Bangladesh.


Bekijk alle 'Best New Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden