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‘Best New Partnership Award’: Deze business-case deed mee in de categorie ‘Best New Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2014. In de Partnership verkiezing 2014 streden 21 teams van bedrijven, samen met een ngo/overheid voor een award voor de beste business-case met een investering in een ontwikkelingsland.

Bekijk hier de winnaars van 2014 en de foto’s!

Van Gansewinkel/Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Milieu, Boston Consulting Group


Door: Silvia de Vaan, Niels van den Hoek, Martijn Tak, Victoria Elema, Marjolein Mann, Daphne Blokhuis, Henny de Jong, Amina El Mellahi

The Upcycling Cooperation is a socially inclusive waste recycling business in India to empower waste pickers and improve the environment by creating more value from waste. An integral value chain with better recycling is set up with Dutch waste management expertise. Thereby, more waste is re-used and a higher value is returned to the pickers. The value chain strengthens the current informal recycling sector, by empowering and training current ragpickers, scrapdealers and recyclers. Waste pickers collect separated waste at households with a specially designed crowd- or microfunded bikecart – instead of picking it on the streets. We are setting up a consortium to bring this plan to India’s prime-minister Modi and are looking for partners to participate – so get in touch if you are interested (see flyer)!


Bekijk alle 'Best New Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden