Business-case FMO / Virunga Social Enterprise / IUCN NL

Posted on 10 november 2014

Ontwikkelingsbank FMO is partner en jurylid van De Partnership Verkiezing. De Young Professionals deden daarom niet officieel mee met de verkiezing, maar ze ontwikkelde wel een sterke business-case! Bekijk de film pitch van hun plan hier!

Bekijk hier hier de film pitch van de business-case van FMO

De Business-Case

A significant group of the world’s last 880 mountain gorilla’s live in Africa’s oldest national park, Virunga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, for the past 20 years the park has been plagued by civil wars and unrests. To protect the park, sustainable economic development is needed to stabilise the region and offer the four million people living around the park alternatives based on the green economic potential of Virunga National Park.

alliance-gorilla-2The unprecedented natural capital potential is based on tourism, hydropower and sustainable social-economic development with and for the communities. Our business case professionalises the fishing industry and provides refrigeration facilities. It will not only improve revenues of local fishermen, who can keep their fish fresh for a longer period, but it will also improve health of local communities, as fresh fish contains much more protein than dried or smoked fish. The cooling container will make use of clean energy generated by a hydro-electric plant just outside the park’s borders, built by one of our partners The Virunga Social Enterprise.FMOlogo Our other partner IUCN NL (the Dutchnational committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature) is dedicated to protect the nature and people of Virunga National Park and provides us with detailed information on ecosystems around Lake Edward and the local fishing industry.

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