Impact of team Rabobank ’16-’17: mOOvement

We celebrate the success of former Partnership Verkiezing ’16-’17 team Rabobank. Their project mOOvement enables farmers in Kenya to (GPS) track their cows, which qualifies them for Rabobank’s microcredit loans.

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How does it feel to do something good? To work on a project that you know will better the lives of people and make the world a better place? Don’t we all have this desire? Getting caught up in the daily routine often prevents us from thinking ‘outside the box’. On May 9th, 10 teams from large organisations presented how they stepped out of their professional routine and worked hard for 8 months to create a sustainable business-case that betters many lives, here in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Watch the video and see for yourself.

De Partnership Verkiezing 2018 Aftermovie

Team Rabobank

Rabobank: Winner Partnership Verkiezing ’17-’18

The Partnership Verkiezing has a winner! Team Rabobank ‘The Cool Cow Collective’ won the ‘Best Partnership Award ’17/’18’ for their sustainable business-case! Their easy-to-use financial planning app will professionalise Kenyan dairy farmers. Congratulations on your spectacular sustainable business-case, team Rabobank, and with your prize of a starters capital, media packet and advisory lunch with the jury! Next step, implementation! View the full pitch here

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Alliander: Winner ‘Future-Makers Award ’17-’18’

The ‘Future-Makers Award ’17-’18’ goes to team AllianderPower2Aid‘! We congratulate Alliander on creating an astonishing sustainable business-case. Power2Aid wants to empower local communities in post-disaster areas to build a sustainable future together with aid organisations and Dutch energy companies. Watch their full pitch here.

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De Partnership Verkiezing 2018 – The Teams


10 young professional teams from ING, Philips. PwC, Rabobank, ABN, FMO, Ahold, Alliander and Zilveren Kruis worked for 8 months to develop a sustainable innovation that matches both their passions and organisations. These business-cases create real impact in developing regions including Sri Lanka, Sint Maarten, Gaza, West-Africa and Kenya. From using Blockchain technology to support eco-tourism in Sri Lanka to providing non-polluting energy aggregates in post-disaster areas such as Sint Maarten.

Curious for more? Watch the pitches of all participating teams

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