Deelnemers ‘Best New Partnership Award 2017-2018’

The Partnership Verkiezing is an initiative of The Punchy Pack, the Ministry of Foreign affairs and FMO. In 8 inspirational and educational months, young professionals from a wide variety of organisations develop a sustainable business-case aimed at creating impact. During the finals on May 9th, one team wins the award for ‘Best New Partnership’.

Which team has the best, most original and impactful sustainable business-case? View their pitches below and vote for the team that you believe should win the Partnership Verkiezing 2017 – 2018, and contribute to our shared impact!

Voting is possible from Monday 23 April until Wednesday 9 May.

Participants of De Partnership Verkiezing 2017-2018 are: ABN AMRO // Albert Heijn // Alliander // FMO //  ING // Philips // PwC // Rabobank // Zilveren Kruis Achmea

Want to participate in the next edition starting this fall?


ABN AMRO – City Farming



Team ABN AMRO – City Farming:
Toby Knapen, Julia van Boven, Pedro da Cruz Caria, Maxime van der Donk, Mohamed Mejaiti

We offer a green redevelopment loan for companies to create a rooftop farm on their buildings to make it more sustainable. Together with this below market-priced loan, we offer a community via our partner Foodspot. The members of this community pay a weekly fee for which they in return receive specific space on the rooftop farm to gain. ABN AMRO coordinates this partnership triangle to make the world a better place, a win-win-win situation. Your sustainability, our specialty!


ABN-AMRO – Foodchain in Blockchain



Team ABN-AMRO – Foodchain in Blockchain:
Danny Vermaat, Iris Blokpoel, Laure Garcia, Sophie Boer, Maud Wingen

Wil jij ook zeker weten dat jouw winkelmandje écht duurzame en gezonde producten bevat? Wij maken middels Blockchain de waardeketens van voedselproducenten transparant. Daardoor kan jij er gerust op zijn dat de boer een eerlijke prijs ontvangt en er enkel goede, gezonde ingrediënten zijn gebruikt. Als bank koppelen we ook nog eens (voorraad)financiering aan deze informatie. Dat we tevens voedselverspilling voorkomen bleek uit de succesvolle testcase met partner Abbot Kinney’s. Tijdens het vervoeren van hun kokosmelk bleek de temperatuur namelijk enorm te dalen.


Albert Heijn – Basmatties


Team Albert Heijn – Basmatties:
Jurian Simons, Annemijn ten Brinke, Jelle van Ommen, Eline Hendrickx

They call us the Basmatties from Albert Heijn, while we stand for a good life/future of our farmers. We are creating a movement to radically improve the basmati value chain. This means training and educating entire communities of farmers on how to produce basmati rice sustainably. Besides that, we want to guarantee them of a minimum wage, which can exceed by producing within our standards. And we go even further than organic and fairtrade: together we are bringing revolution to the basmati value chain for the good!


Alliander – Power2Aid



Team Alliander – Power2Aid:
Annelies Mudde, Marc Schot, Puck Sanders, Stefan Kop

Power2Aid wants to empower local communities in post-disaster areas to build a sustainable future together with aid organizations and Dutch energy companies. Together we start providing renewable electricity access during the recovery period to create the foundation of a resilient energy system. In the Power2Aid concept, Team Alliander, Red Cross NL and Wattsun put their efforts together to make this goal a new reality, starting with a pilot on the island of St. Maarten.


ING – Green Team



Team ING – Green Team:
Susan Hall, Michelle Alink, Martijn Postma, Mina Touchane, Michel Rutte

The world needs to be more sustainable if we are to meet the UN Sustainability Development Goals by 2030. We, ING Green Team, believe that our proposal, linking our corporate clients’ payment costs to their external sustainability rating, can help them to recognise and address their impact worldwide. This will help us and our customers stop child labour, eradicating hunger, preventing deforestation, ensuring clean water and sanitation etc.. A better sustainability rating = a better world.


Philips – Refurbenin



Team Philips – Refurbenin:
Bas Meyer Viol, Kevin Hol, Robbert van Kempen, Turner Pijpers

Philips and IMECAmerica partner up to improve the lives of more than 30.000 people.
The World Health Organization estimates that 70% of donated healthcare devices in Africa lay idle due to a lack of user-training and technical support.
This partnership offers three hospitals in West-Africa fully equipped maternity suites and long-term training plans. Key to this project is the use of remote monitoring, which will give Philips a live connection to the hospitals to ensure everything is working in top condition.


PwC – Techxies



Team PwC – Techxies:
Anna Vogelaar, Kuralay Baisalbayeva, Leonie Kamp, Aimee Smits, Christian Lieverse

PwC team ‘Techxies’, together with its partners, will implement a sustainable, Blockchain-based tax infrastructure for eco-tourism development in Sri Lanka. We will create a sustainable tourist income stream by labelling the tourist tax via smart contracts in Blockchain. The income collected will be used by the Sri Lankan government exclusively for eco-tourism development purposes. We help Sri Lanka to achieve its tourism strategic development goals, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 16&17.


Rabobank – The Cool Cow Collective



Team Rabobank – The Cool Cow Collective:
Daniella Vellinga, Mark Koppejan, Mirte Smits, Wouter van Eijkelenburg, Leon Boerop

Banking the unbankable: Rabobank’s easy-to-use financial planning app professionalises Kenyan dairy farmers. The app provides insights into the farmers’ financial history and future, which is a requirement of banks to give them a loan. With a loan, farmers can make new investments in cattle, cooling facilities, transportation, medicines, feed, etc. The app improves financial know-how of dairy farmers; the investments improve the quality and quantity of milk in Africa.


Zilveren Kruis – Food4Work



Team Zilveren Kruis – Food4Work:
Sükran Katik, Ingrid van Kessel, Floor Burgers, Nisha Alberts, Anique Hogeman

Als Nederlander eet je gemiddeld 30 suikerklontjes per dag. Na een korte kick van suiker krijg je een langer durende energiedip. Dit maakt dat je steeds opnieuw verlangt naar een suikershot. Op die manier zijn we onbewust verslaafd geraakt.
Zilveren Kruis heeft, onder het motto ‘Voorkomen is beter dan genezen’, samen met partners een programma ontwikkeld. Doel van het programma is om breder aandacht te vragen voor het belang van gezonde voeding op de werkvloer.