Deelnemers ‘Best New Partnership Award 2019-2020’

The Partnership Verkiezing is an initiative of The Punchy Pack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rotterdam School of Management. Creating sustainable impact is the goal of this programme in which young professionals from various organisations develop social and sustainable business-cases from within their organisation.

Participants of De Partnership Verkiezing 2019-2020 are: Ahold Delhaize // a.s.r. // Aegon // Philips // PwC // Rabobank // Zilveren Kruis Achmea // Syntrus-Achmea // Eurocross

You can be a part of their journey by tuning into our webinar on April 17th. Get in touch with us to receive the webinar link and check out the wonderful, original and impactful business cases!

Are you curious or want to participate yourself? Sign up now for more information about the next edition starting this fall!


Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen

Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen:
Nick Van Gend, Anouk van Alphen, Cindy Brijs, Irene Bruggemann, Victor Brands


Team Aegon – Chill-in

Team Aegon – Chill-in:
Vincent Libeton, Ewoud Helder, Welmoed Kuperus, Nienke Smits, Freek Reimert


Team Ahold – De Nootzaak

Team Ahold – De Nootzaak:
Floris Meijer, Elisabeth Laane, Willemine de With, Pieter de Meijer, Anouk van Dooren


Team Philips – RespAAA

Team Philips – RespAAA:
Jesper Verhey, Nancy Kasvosve, Piyush Sharma, Lena Jaschke


Team PwC – Farmtastic Solutions

Team PwC – Farmtastic Solutions:
Christos Zarkos, Roxanne Austin, Remie Kariem, Koen Smits, Kritika Karthikeyan


Team Rabobank – Team 2050

Team Rabobank – Team 2050:
Jeroen Hakkaart, Lex Smeding, Pieter Weijnen, Lizz Jansen, Anne Verschoor


Team Zilveren Kruis/&Ranj – Thuisverzorgd

Team Zilveren Kruis/&Ranj – Thuisverzorgd:
Nicky van Rooij, Kelly Veldkamp, Stefan Lubberding, Lisanne Langezaal


Team Zilveren Kruis/Eurocross/Syntrus-Achmea – De Alles Oké Cirkel

Team Zilveren Kruis/Eurocross/Syntrus-Achmea – De Alles Oké Cirkel:
David de Wilde, Nico van Dijk, Rick Luger, Eline Deusing