Deelnemers ‘Best New Partnership Award 2019-2020’

Social and sustainability issues are now more important than ever. The urgency and importance to make a difference grows every day.

The Partnerschip Verkiezing is an initiative of The Punchy Pack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Rotterdam School of Management and with this programme we activate the voices of young leaders everywhere to become a part of the solution.

These heroes have taken on the challenge to develop a social and sustainable business case for their organisation, proving that it is possible to create positive impact with a business perspective from within a corporate organisation. They have done this working together with their executives and colleagues, with experts, artists, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government and fellow wavemakers, because they stand for a better future.

The competing changemakers of 2019-2020 are:

Aegon // Ahold Delhaize // a.s.r. // Eurocross // Philips // PwC // Rabobank // Syntrus-Achmea // Zilverenkruis

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Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen

Team a.s.r. – VerduurSamen:
Nick Van Gend, Anouk van Alphen, Cindy Brijs, Irene Bruggemann, Victor Brands

The Netherlands faces an enormous climate-change challenge. To reach a CO2-reduction of 49% in 2030, 1.5 million houses need to be made more sustainable. This means at least 400 houses a day will need to be transformed to meet modern sustainability standards. However, transforming your house is a complex, costly and risky matter for private homeowners. To accelerate the transformation of the housing market, a.s.r. launches the ‘’VerduurSamen’’ initiative. A one-stop-shop solution for most practical concerns, which unburdens private homeowners in making their house more sustainable, and guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the sustainability measures.

VerduurSamen kickstarts this transformation by creating a one-stop-shop focusing on three components:

Collectivity: VerduurSamen will create a sustainability plan, exploring the most effective measures, for a collective of homeowners with homogeneous houses. Through economies of scale, in both the scope of the project and in purchasing materials and services, costs will be reduced.

Unburdening: Homeowners will be unburdened as VerduurSamen takes responsibility for researching the most effective method of financing. We’ll assist in applying for subsidies/grants or a loan from the ‘’Nationaal Bespaarfonds’’. Additionally, we’ll ensure measures will be performed by an expert partner.

Certainty: VerduurSamen guarantees homeowners of the quality and effectiveness of the sustainability measures. This guarantee ensures homeowners can make a conscious financial decision to invest in a more sustainable home.


Team Aegon – Chill-in

Team Aegon – Chill-in:
Vincent Libeton, Ewoud Helder, Welmoed Kuperus, Nienke Smits, Freek Reimert

We see a growing number of burn-outs amongst (young) professionals, an increase of 40% in the years 2007-2017. To ensure a healthy professional society and decrease the amount we pay as society for sick-related claims we need to decrease burn-outs and help (young) professionals to gain capabilities to deal with stress-factors.

With our solution we will roll-out a burn-out survey among employees who are insured via their employers at Aegon. Together with a specialist partner we will give employees the opportunity to test themselves by a survey to recognize potential burn-out factors, this questionnaire will be sent a couple of times per year. We give them their individual results and provide them with an opportunity to receive a tailor made intervention from coaches that have had training from our partner.


Team Ahold – De Nootzaak

Team Ahold – De Nootzaak:
Floris Meijer, Elisabeth Laane, Willemine de With, Pieter de Meijer, Anouk van Dooren

Demand creates supply. Our team’s dreams of a future in which there are only sustainable groceries available in all Dutch supermarkets. This will only be the case if all shoppers will request these sustainable groceries. To create this demand, shoppers need to be educated. Also, AH needs to create a stage on which AH and its suppliers can communicate their already very sustainably produced items or initiatives. Without a stage, there is no audience. We will utilize AH’s unused media capacity, both in-store and online for communicating sustainable initiatives from our AH branded products.


Team Philips – RespAAA

Team Philips – RespAAA:
Jesper Verhey, Nancy Kasvosve, Piyush Sharma, Lena Jaschke

Respiratory illnesses, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and pneumonia are the third biggest killers in non- communicable diseases in the world. India has 32% of the world’s burden of COPD and the increase in pollution in the last decade has increased the risk for developing this disease, with 22 of 30 of the world’s most polluted cities being in India. With the RespAAA solution we will raise Awareness about respiratory illnesses, provide a single time point Assessment and recommend Actions to improve health status in a fast, affordable and reliable way. We will offer RespAAA through 2 channels, Employee wellness program through a RespAAA consultant and through an app that can be available at mass to allow people to personally assess their respiratory health status. Appropriate action including a referral to the health system is recommended based on the risk level determined in the assessment.


Team PwC – Farmtastic Solutions

Team PwC – Farmtastic Solutions:
Christos Zarkos, Roxanne Austin, Remie Kariem, Koen Smits, Kritika Karthikeyan

Committed by tackling multiple Sustainable Development Goals at once for great impact, this team of international young professionals developed a solution for agricultural farmers in rural areas in India to increase their financial security through the sale of crop residue and at the same time decrease air pollution by preventing the burning of the crop residue.


Team Rabobank – Green Together

Team Rabobank – Green Together:
Jeroen Hakkaart, Lex Smeding, Pieter Weijnen, Lizz Jansen, Anne Verschoor

Our focus with the Partnership Verkiezing is to provide people with the tools to compensate and reduce CO2 emissions by using customer data. We take a twofold approach with donation-based initiatives on the one hand and investment opportunities on the other hand. The first being mainly about making a voluntary impact on the environment and the latter focussing on opportunities in areas like green crowdfunding initiatives and green index funds. Furthermore, we will partner with a wide variety of organizations outside of the bank.

We firmly believe that this opportunity and our vision contributes to Rabobank’s mission of Growing a Better World Together.


Team Zilveren Kruis/&Ranj – Thuisverzorgd

Team Zilveren Kruis/&Ranj – Thuisverzorgd:
Nicky van Rooij, Kelly Veldkamp, Stefan Lubberding, Lisanne Langezaal

Homecare staff are under increasing pressure and continuity of care is jeopardized. With a growing number of patients relying on homecare, patients becoming more demanding and an increasing shortage of nursing staff, a tremendous burden is placed on nurses. Zilveren Kruis wants to support these nurses and in turn contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system. Therefore we came up with “Bloei Op”, an app facilitating and stimulating feedback/dialogue between nurses, clients and their respective families, in a safe environment. Curious? Check our video!


Team Zilveren Kruis/Eurocross/Syntrus-Achmea – De Alles Oké Cirkel

Team Zilveren Kruis/Eurocross/Syntrus-Achmea – De Alles Oké Cirkel:
David de Wilde, Nico van Dijk, Rick Luger, Eline Deusing

The ‘Alles Oke Cirkel’ is a neighborhood network for elderly in which a socially active life is stimulated via a voice-activated assistant.

Thanks to a shared message board neighbors can use voice messages to let each other know if they need help or invite each other for fun activities. Drinking tea, going out for a walk or help someone doing groceries. Additionally, the assistant is equipped with an alarm function.

In this way, elderly can keep an eye out for each other. Now more relevant than ever.