Bekijk alle 'Public-Private-Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden

‘Public-Private Partnership Award’: Deze business-case deed mee in de categorie ‘Public-Private Partnership Award’ aan De Partnership Verkiezing 2014. In de Partnership verkiezing 2014 streden 21 teams van bedrijven, samen met een ngo/overheid voor een award voor de beste business-case met een investering in een ontwikkelingsland.

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From microenterprises to salaried employees, retail banking does not exist for the vast majority of the 63 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Deposit accounts are largely inaccessible due to the terms and extremely limited footprint of commercial banks. Credit is scarce, expensive and mostly informal. Electronic payments are simply not a part of everyday life. The result is that consumers are unbanked or underserved because banking services are remote, expensive and ill-suited to the cash economy that they deal in. In 2007, the World Bank estimated that less than 10% of the population has access to finance, including basic savings accounts with regulated institutions.

i-Finance is a newly established financial institution (2014) tailored to the economic activities of the mass market integrating microfinance with retail banking addressing some of the access to finance challenges in DR Congo. To realise this i-Finance sought a committed and diverse group of investors that were keen to invest in the future of DR Congo. These investors include Triodos Investment Management, CYAD, Texaf, and Fuji among others. Furthermore, i-Finance, the listed investors, Enclude and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs established a Public Private Partnership especially focusing on expanding i-Finance’s activities to peri-urban and rural areas


Bekijk alle 'Public-Private-Partnership Award 2014' genomineerden