social intrapreneurship

Why we initiate ‘Social Intrapreneurship’

Posted on 11 september 2018

Here, at the Punchy Pack, we push organisations to stimulate ‘Social Intrapreneurship’ amongst their employees. What about this technique inspires us? Intrapreneurship is all about building employee engagement, motivation and ownership. It lets an organisation benefit from employees’ creativity and generates innovative — possibly disruptive — ideas.

Match intrapreneurship with a social purpose and your outcome is motivated and committed employees who push their creativity to develop social solutions matching both their passion and organisation’s goals.
This trigger also benefits the quality of employees’ current work activities.

How do we at The Punchy Pack initiate social intrapreneurship? During our Partnership Verkiezing programme, teams — consisting of colleagues from organisations — join forces, together with their organisation and international partners to create sustainable solutions that fit their organisations’ corporate social responsibility goals.

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